Intruder Alarms

In an ideal world we would all like to leave our windows and doors unlocked, free from the risks of burglary. Unfortunately this is not the case, and to ensure that your family doesn’t become a victim of crime you should protect your household security with a burglar alarm.

At JDean Security services we can offer a wide range of burglar alarms to suit your individual requirements, so call today on 01234 347699 for a free on site survey.

The primary purpose of home burglar alarms is to provide a deterrent to potential criminals, however what burglar alarm is right for your domestic or commercial property will depend on what you need it to do in the event it is called into action.

It goes without saying that the least you want from your burglar alarm is for it to detect an intruder early, but at jdean security services we have a range of alarms that can identify unauthorised access in different ways.

From infra red and pet detectors to movement sensors, we can supply all manner of home protection depending on the size of your property and your budget.

As high tech and expensive electrical equipment such as ipads and flat screen TVs become more widespread throughout the country it is inevitable that criminals will look to target unsecured properties in the hope of getting their hands on them.

We design, supply, install & maintain high quality alarm systems for both home and business across Bedfordshire. And given the British insurance associations claim that properties without intruder alarms are six to seven times more likely to be targeted than alarmed properties, it is clear that you really cannot afford to implement effective home security measures.

Home security is an important issue that needs careful consideration, but we understand that it can be difficult to know exactly what security you need to put in place.

With this in mind we supply a series of alarm systems that are specifically intended for the domestic market. We can also supply you with wireless systems that can suit requirements in your house too.

As well as first class intruder alarm systems we offer many other complimentary security services to help you to protect your valuables.


Recent survey of ex offending burglars said that 94% of them would avoid a property with an active alarm.