CCTV For The Home

CCTV for the home serves two functions; Firstly it acts as a deterrent, discouraging many potential intruders from your property and secondly, CCTV provides a record of activity in and around your property, aiding the apprehension of criminals who may have targeted your home.

We provide easy to use, low cost CCTV systems, fitted by our professional installers to provide video cover for the areas of your home which may be the most vulnerable to intruders.

Bedford is by no means a crime hotspot, statistics show it suffers average levels of burglaries compared to the UK in general, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t sensible to take steps to protect your valuables and belongings from unwanted intruders.

We only install tried and tested, easy to use CCTV systems that require very little training to operate. This is why we have so many happy customers.

With remote access IP cameras, our CCTV systems can easily be accessed via computer, smart phone or tablet, so you can monitor your home wherever you are.

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CCTV For Business

Offices and commercial premises are often empty and unmanned over night, at weekends and during holidays, leaving them vulnerable to intruders.

With expensive computers, printers, phone systems in addition to commercially sensitive documents and paperwork, often left for long periods unprotected.

A CCTV system can provide you with two fold protection for your business premises. CCTV is a deterrent for thieves and opportunistic burglars and works as an active deterrent. It also provides you with a record of activity on and around your premises.

We provide affordable CCTV systems that are easy to use, giving you low cost security and peace of mind.

We can provide all your business CCTV needs.

Our CCTV service includes:


Of the ‘Right Type’ of CCTV SYSTEM to suit your companies requirements.

Our Clients include:

Small Businesses

High Street retailers, Workshops, Offices etc.

Larger Commercial CCTV Applications

Schools, Hotels, Constructions Sites, Public Sector Buildings etc.

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