Digital Aerial Installation

The digital switchover is happening throughout the united kingdom, and will be finally complete during 2012, when the analogue signal will be switched off.

Some areas are already receiving the improved digital transmission, and can benefit from an increased variety of digital TV channels with greater picture and audio quality.

With FreeView TV already available throughout the most of the UK, you could have access to a whole new variety of television entertainment and interactive digital TV channels, which are all free.

To ensure you receive the full benefit of digital programming, you may need a digital compatible TV aerial, and either a digital television with an integrated digital FreeView tuner.

JDean Security services can provide you with expert advice to suit the requirements you require to obtain these products.

If you need additional TV’s connecting to your existing digital aerial, a new digital aerial installing, or have other issues receiving digital TV, ask us how we can help you…… click here